Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Understanding Ageing

Ageing is a fact of life. Not a very pleasant one at that. None of us want to look old and tired, and most of us want to portray how we feel on the inside. So how can we enhance our looks as the ageing process occurs, but still maintain a sense of vibrancy and freshness no matter what age we are?

Most of us start seeing the signs of ageing around the age of 30. Small lines and wrinkles start forming. Sunlight, smoking, stress and general ageing decrease natural substances in our skin such as collagen, elastin and hylaronic acid. So what can we do about them? You can choose to live with your wrinkles, or you can choose to do something about them.

Carefully placed and subtle non surgical options such as Anti wrinkle injections, Facial Volumisation, Dermal Fillers, Lip Enhancement and Medical Skincare can improve facial lines,and help restore structure and support to the face.

Some wrinkles form after years of facial expressions and these are called “dynamic wrinkles”. When we are young the skin springs back into its initial position, but as we get older these wrinkles stay in the skin.

Anti wrinkle injections can treat dynamic lines by relaxing the muscle that causes the wrinkle. A simple treatment of a few injections can relax these muscles for months, in many cases also smoothing the wrinkle. It will not radically change your appearance and is not designed to replace a facelift. It can naturally soften lines and give you a “fresher” appearance.

Lines in our skin that are visible at rest are called “static wrinkles.”

Dermal fillers are injectable gels which are placed below the skins surface to literally “fill in” or “plump up” the static facial lines and folds. These help diminish the depth and shadow of a line or fold, which creates a more refreshed appearance. This treatment can last from 12-24 months depending on the product used. Larger fillers are suitable for revolumising the face and giving back better definition and support around the jawline and cheeks that is lost with the ageing process.

A combination of the above treatments are often used to achieve the best results. For more information on these treatments please read more.